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Today, I am pleased to launch this new website. Amazingly, I launched my previous blog, ARCHCareers blog on May 29, 2008 — over 10 years ago.  During these last ten years, I have authored over 550 entries; looking back, … Read More

Portfolio Advice – Graduate

I was wondering if you have any advise in regards to creating an architectural portfolio for graduate school for someone who didn’t major in architecture.  I am trying to gain a good idea of what the school would be looking … Read More


RESOURCES The following are resources to assist you in making a decision on an architecture. First, contact each of the programs in which you are interested to receive promotional materials both from the university and the academic unit (architecture program). … Read More

Architecture Career / College Fairs

While many high schools and community colleges host annual college fairs, these events do not usually focus on the architecture programs.  Fortunately, there are a handful of annual events that are specifically about architecture! Held in the fall, the architecture Career … Read More

What to do in High School

First, as you are just now about to enter high school, know that you are ahead of the game.  Many students do not discover their interest in architecture until well into high school or after. Start by planning to attend … Read More

Summer Programs in Architecture – Summer 2018

SUMMER PROGRAMS IN ARCHITECTURE – SUMMER 2018 Below is a listing of summer architecture programs throughout the country (some are abroad).  Also, there are a few programs that are either throughout the year or during the spring.  Efforts have been … Read More

A.R.C.H.I.T.E.C.T – An Acronym for Successful Job Searching

As it is spring, many graduate from architecture programs will begin the careers.  While many may have secured a career position prior to graduation, many may still be searching. If you are one of them, below is is an acronym … Read More

How to “Network” your way into a job!

At least once in everyone’s career, whether by choice or circumstance, a job seeker will have to endure the stressful process that includes identifying, applying to, interviewing for, being offered, negotiating the terms of, and ultimately accepting – or rejecting … Read More