ADMITTED STUDENT DAY: MAKE IT MIAMI Yesterday, my wife and I had the pleasure (honor) of accompanying one of my daughters during her visit to Miami University (Oxford, OH).  Her visit was part of an admitted student day – Make … Read More


DECISION-MAKING Over the last three weeks, you were provided a set of three attributes to consider when selecting an institution, namely, You, Institution, and Academic Program.  Now, as a conclusion to the discussion, let’s discuss how YOU actually make the … Read More


DECISION-MAKING CRITERIA – INSTITUTION During last week, YOU attributes was discussed; this week, we discuss attributes related to the INSTITUTION. Attributes to consider when selecting an institution include: Type of school: While most individuals refer to all post–high school institutions as … Read More

High School: Academic Coursework

Academic Courses As becoming an architect requires a college education, you should focus on courses that will prepare you accordingly; this will include four years of English and mathematics.  As is possible, pursue honor courses and advanced placement (AP) courses. … Read More

Researching Programs: Career Day in Architecture

What is the best way to research an architecture program?  Most would suggest you visit the campus and meet with faculty/representatives from the architecture program.  But many students may not have the resources nor time to visit. Well, attending an … Read More