Ranking of Design Programs: Worthy Resource?

In researching and determining the BEST architecture program for you, what resources will use?  How do you decide which programs you consider, apply and eventually attend? One that you may be encouraged to consult is the RANKING of programs.  For … Read More

Collateral Organizations of Architecture: Why should I CARE?

As an architecture student, you may not be fully aware of the collateral organizations that surround architecture; however, as an architecture student, you should become more engaged with them to maximize your path on becoming an architect. Collateral Organizations Below … Read More

What to do in High School

First, as you are just now about to enter high school, know that you are ahead of the game.  Many students do not discover their interest in architecture until well into high school or after. Start by planning to attend … Read More

Money – Scholarships and Awards

One of the biggest challenges on becoming an architect is MONEY!  But do know that there are many scholarships available to you as a high school student, current architecture student, or even recent graduate. Below are just a handful.  Truly, … Read More